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Stick Shift Class at
Eddyville Raceway Park

2017 Race dates:  May 27, July 2, Aug. 20, Sept. 2.

Class Rules:

Stick shift door cars or trucks only.
Foot operated clutch required, linkage must be mechanical.
Mechanical shifters only, no hydraulics or magnets allowed.
No air cylinders, no clutch-turbos.
No computer, electronic, or air shift allowed.
No electronic device-throttle stop, or delay box allowed.
Rev limiter, play back tach, and data recorders allowed.
No nitrous, blowers, or turbos allowed.
Bracket race format using full tree, breakout rules apply.
No buy backs.

Maximum dial in: 6.99 sec.

Entry Fee: $75 car/driver


8-11 entries - Winner $400, R.U. $200, semi`s $50    
12-16 entries - Winner $500, R.U. $250, semi`s $100
17 & up entries - Winner $600, R.U. $300, semi`s $100 1/4`s $50

Points: $15 per driver to enter points series,(must sign up on date of 1st race entered) 10 points for entering a race, 10 points per rd. won, 1 bonus point for runner up.  2 bonus points for race win, no waived races.  Points will be posted on ERP website.

Points payout at ERP banquet: TBA pending sponsors.

Associate Sponsors:  TBA

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