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Help Wanted for 2020

(seasonal part time positions)

Office help:
Be available to be in track office (mainly Fridays) and help at gate on some race days. (most importantly big events) (not an every week position)

Track work:
Need someone to help with weekly track prep (scraping, draging, spraying, etc) This person needs to be available to work our bigger events and as many other events as possible to help with prep and then some other on track position on race days. Hours for some of the track prep is flexible. (not required to work all events !)

EMT`s that can also work various track positions. Also looking for help in all track postions such as tech, ET shack, etc.

Need someone that is very good with computers to do a new website and help keep it updated, work with all things associated with social media, set up programs to do pre entry for events, prepayments for special parking for big events, etc. (this can mostly be done from home)

Help with planning and promoting everything at the track, help finding sponsors for events, classes, etc.

Knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport is a big plus for any of these positions. Many race days are long hours but we also have a lot of fun and can be very rewarding experience.

Anyone with any interest in any of these positions please call or text Gerald @ 641-780-3534 or email him @

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