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Racing Cancelled for this Weekend October 6 & 7

Mother Nature seems to not like racing lately and even though we don`t trust the weatherman most of the time we have to trust them sometimes. Every forecast out there shows lots of rain and not very warm temps for the next 4 days. We have decided to give our racers and employees time to make alternate plans for this weekend and have cancelled all races for Saturday and Sunday Oct. 6 & 7.

We are looking at doing some kind of event at ERP on Oct. 18 or 19. This will depend on availability of employees etc. Details will be coming if we can make something work for that date and the weather gets better. We know lots of racers would love to have another chance to go racing and we could certainly use another race day or 2. Watch our Facebook page and website for any updates on these possible races.

We also want to wish our racers who are qualified to go to Memphis for the IHRA Summit Super Series race on this weekend good luck and maybe one of them can come home with a national championship. This is an awesome program to reward our champions in Top ET (Terry Kruse) Modified (Bob Bash) and Jr Dragsters (Brandon White)

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