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Fun Drags and Bike Double Header Special
Saturday, May 19

Gates open: 11am, Time Trials (2) @ 1pm
Crew and spectator passes are $10 for all day.

Classes to run:
Sweet Corn Outlaws
Bike only classes - Box, No Box, 6.00 & 5.60 index classes
Regular Fun Day non points classes: Box, No Box, Footbrake, Jr Dragster

We will run all classes up to finals in largest classes, do 1 time trial for those not still in competition then do the 2nd race. All bike classes will run 2 races, car classes will run 2 if there is interest in doing so.

Entry fees:
All bike classes and Sweet Corn Outlaws will pay $25 for each class and race entered at the gate, go through tech then pay remainder of entry at Sweet Corn Outlaw trailer (Greg Allen) or Bike trailer (Dave Easter)

All regular Fun Day entries will be handled as usual at the gate. (Box $75, No Box and Foot brake $40, Jrs $25, Test and Tune $30

Bikes - Index classes, 100 % of entry fees.
Box & No Box - $750 to winner gauranteed, total payout determined by entries.
There will be a run off of the 4 class winners with $250 to winner.

Sweet Corn Outlaws determined by # of entries, by Sweet Corn Outlaws group.

Regular non points classes:
Jr Dragster - Trophy to Winner and Runner Up (with 8 or more entries $50 Win, $25 R. U.)
Footbrake - $200 win, $100 R.U. (10 car minimum for full payout)
No Box - $500 win, $200 r.u., $100 semis (20 car minimum for full payout)
Box - $1000 win, $400 r.u., $100 semis, (20 car minimum for full payout)

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