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Bonus Race Day on October 20 Cancelled

Sadly we have decided to not fight mother nature any more this year. The latest forecasts for this Saturday Oct. 20 have the highest temps for the day being 50 degrees or less with 30 plus mph winds makes for marginal conditions to run in even though there is no chance of rain. Sunday is not enough better to move it there and with the cold nights we are having we need to winterize our buildings before we have pipes freezing. We are so tired of dealing with these tough weather related decisions especially  since we could certainly use any cash flow as we have only ran 3 days out of the last 10 scheduled race days but safety is of 1st concern and it would not be a lot of fun trying to race in this cold and windy weather.

Watch our Facebook and Website for any announcements concerning next year`s race season and save the date March 2 for our awards banquet in Des Moines. Thanks for the support this year of our racers, spectators and sponsors, as we need all to be successful. As always we are very open to any and all suggestions and ideas for next season. Please contact Gerald at or call or text him at 641-780-3534 with any questions or ideas as we are working on next seasons schedule right now.

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