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2016 Saturday Fun Drags

September 24 - Fun Drags, Plus Street Bike classes.
Gate opens @ 11am, time trials @ 1pm, eliminations start 3-4 pm.

October 8 - Fun Drags, Special Top Sportsman Top Dragster race sponsored by Easter Equipment. $1000 gauranteed to win in both classes, no run off, 16 car fields. ERP Stick Shift, Street Car Challenge, Street Bike classes, plus RPM No Bar heads up class.
Gate opens @ 8am, time trials @ 9.30am, (2) followed by eliminations.

October 9 - Fun Drags, bracket classes  plus test and tune, Last day of racing @ ERP for 2016 season ! (Rain date for Saturdays special classes)
Open @ 8am Time trials at 9.30am with eliminations following time trials.

Fun Drags Classes:

Test and Tune for anyone.
Jr Dragster all run with buy backs, no consi.
Foot Brake (no electronics allowed) (bikes allowed) (no ET limits)
No Box  (trans brakes allowed) (bikes allowed) (no ET limits)
Box (same rules as Top ET) (bikes allowed) 

Entry Fees: Test and Tune $25, Jrs. $20, street bike, foot brake, and no box classes: $40.00, Box class: $75

Buy backs for 1st round non winners: Jrs $5, bike classes, foot brake and no box $20, Box $40

Jrs: Trophy to winner and runner up, $50 to winner and $25 to runner up if 8 or more entries.
Bike and Foot brake classes with 10 entry minimum: $200 win, $100 R.U.
No Box with 20 entry minimum: $500 win, $200 R.U. $100 Semi`s
Box with 20 entry minimum: $1000 win, $400 R.U. $100 Semi`s

Spectator Fee: $10 adult, kids  6-12 $3.

*Reserved pit spaces will be saved for regular renters with prior notification to the track.

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