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ERP Paving Project

Eddyville Raceway Park has been a busy place lately, not with race cars but asphalt grinders and paving machines. Gerald Kramer track owner and manager says this project has been in the works for over 3 years. We have been working with Ron Colson of Track Planning Associates to make sure we did this overhaul of the track the right way. After lots of testing we found out the track had 12 inches of asphalt on the track having had several overlays of asphalt in it`s 50 year history. We had 6 inches of the asphalt ground out from the existing 100 foot concrete launch pad all the way to the finish line of the 1/8th mile track, 15 foot wide. The existing asphalt on the outside and center was profile ground to ensure a smooth transition to the new concrete. We then had 6 inches of concrete installed (340 yards) with a new state of the art paver by Manatt`s the same company that paved the Nascar track at Newton.

All of the asphalt grindings where layed down on many pit roads with an asphalt paver and then rolled for some much improved roadways and parking areas and eliminating a lot of dust issues. All that remains is to do a finish grind with a trazzel grinder to give what Ron Colson says will give us the best surface to hold rubber, fix some issues with asphalt between the new concrete and the guard wall which had some damage from the paving machine, and seal some asphalt cracks in the middle and seal coat it. We scheduled a late start to give us some time to get this done and are a little behind schedule but at this time we are quite hopeful we can be open on May 7 for a test and tune. Eddyville Raceway Park is an IHRA 1/8 mile track about an hour southeast of Des Moines, and home of the Musco Lighting Night of Fire on July 2, and the World Fuel Altered Nationals on Aug. 19 & 20.

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