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ERP 2016 Update

The famous saying that is used around this time of year is it is "New year, new me". Well ERP will also be using that slogan this year with a slight alteration as it will be a New Year, new track! Yes after 20+ years of the same racing surface we plan to be a concrete track from start to finish! We fell this is a very important step as we want to continue to give our races the best possible racing surface and to show that we plan to be around for a very long time. Below is a more detailed list of track improvements we plan on doing in 2016 and or are on our short list to get done ASAP.

Facility improvements planned for ERP in 2016.

Track paving - We are planning on repaving the track from the end of the concrete starting line pad to the finish line with concrete. The old asphalt still works quite well but is far from smooth and requires a lot of repair work every year. With all of the fast cars we run at ERP at the NOF, WFAN and MPO class etc. a new surface will enhance those events and classes. This should also help eliminate the weeper problem we have been dealing with and should shorten the dry time of the track when we have rain.

Dust Control - We plan to use the asphalt grindings from the track paving project to use over the C-stone road ways on the south end of the facility. The C-stone has helped eliminate mud issues there but created a bad dust problem when dry.

Repair asphalt by the ET Shack - This will require an asphalt overlay and will be done if budget allows this spring. We also would like to replace the winners circle with concrete. This has been planned for a while and again will be done if possible.

Chain link fence work - We need to install a fence around the pond by the entrance and rebuild the fence on the spectator side of the track. These projects have been planned for years but have been put off due to lack of time etc. These projects are more labor than materials and any volunteers to help with this would help a lot.

Move Small Shelter House - We would like to move the small shelter house south and east of the office/restroom building to the entrance gate area so the girls at the gate can have some shade. This will be done if time and budget allow us to do it.

Bleacher renovation - The middle section of bleachers on the pit side are in need of some repairs. They need to be taken apart, repaired, painted, and a concrete pad poured before being rebuilt. This will also depend on time and budget and will be more likely be done if we can get some volunteers to help.

Restroom repairs - We hope to start renovating our restrooms one a year for the next few years. Again time and budget permitting we will start with the women`s by the Eddy Diner and add insulation in the ceiling of the Eddy Diner.

Concrete Barriers - We have plans to start on this project by building special movable barrier blocks. This will be a project that will take several years to do.

All of these are things we feel we need to do to continue to be a place everyone is proud to go to and have a great experience. We thank everyone for their support without it none of this can happen. If anyone has ideas that can help us to save money on any of these projects please let us know or if anyone wants to volunteer to help you can call Gerald @ 641-780-3534 or email him @ The first 2 will definitely be done the others are high on our wish list. If the weather delays the paving project we are prepared to delay the start of the season to get it done.

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