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Engine Diaper Rule at ERP

Starting in 2017 ERP an oil containment system will be required for race cars. This is something a lot of race tracks have already put in place or will do so in the near future. This will not only help save costly and time consuming oil downs but more importantly could very easily save your race car and your health or even life in case of catastophic engine failure. This is the most common sense rule for drag racing in a long time. Here is the rule we will start using for the 2017 race season:

All cars running 6.99 seconds and quicker will be required to have an approved engine diaper or engine oil containment pan. The following are exceptions to the rule: True street cars with street tires and bikes will be exempt at this time.

Diapers are available from several sources. Dennis Ridgeway Enterprises (DRE) is one source that is offering a 10% discount to ERP racers. They have standard diapers that fit some applications from $169.00 to full custom ones for up to $550.00. They are supporting the track with a sign and will have some giveaways and coupons for their products. They can be reached by phone @ 217-763-6352 or email

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