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ERP Work Day - Saturday, April 4th

Volunteer work day at ERP, Sat. April 4, rain date April 11. If you want to help doing some work on other week days contact Gerald.

Things that need work (some require warm weather):

*Gaurdwall repair, replace bad guard wall posts and some rail.
*Tower deck repair.
*Scoreboard win arrow boards painted.
*Fuel Barrels painted.
*Pit space numbers repainted.
*Tree trimming.
*Pit area repairs.
*Electric poles painted.
*Fence repairs.
*Winners circle replaced.
*Race track repairs.
*New signs installed.
*Restroom repairs.
*Dump station redone.

Equipment needed:

*Skid loaders or small backhoes
*Tree trimming equipment
*Cordless impact wrenches, 1 ¼  wrenches, sockets and ratchets
*Trucks or trailers to haul away debris.
*Boom truck or aerial lift trailer etc.
*Hand tools

We are planning on starting at 8am and work as long as we have things to do. Everyone can come and go as it works for you. If the weather is questionable we will move it to the next week Sat. April 11. Please email us if you are coming and if you have some of the equipment we need as this will help with planning of projects. We have a lot of equipment available from local contractor Tri County Inc but have a lot of guard wall to repair. We will feed everyone and can use some help keeping everyone fed and we will provide drinks as well. Please bring your own gloves etc. The biggest project is guard wall repairs as we have to replace 100 posts and need to work on alignment issues as well. Other projects listed are wish list ones and we will do them if we have the man power to do them. All paint and paint materials will be supplied by track. Email me at or call at 641-780-3534.

Thanks Gerald

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