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Update and Changes for Remaining Saturday Fun Drags

September 12 - Open at 1.30, time trials @ 3pm, eliminations follow, Last Midnight Madness of 2015 season at 9pm.

September 25 - Closed

September 26 - Open at 11am, time trials @ 12.30 pm, eliminations follow, (this will be a points race for street bike bracket class ) (will also have a V-Twin class and Heads up street bike class)

October 2 - Closed

October 3 - Open @ 11am, time trials @ 12.30, eliminations follow. (This will be the final points race for the Stick Shift class) (also will be final Street Car Challenge race)


  • Test and Tune for anyone.
  • Jr Dragster all run with buy backs, no consi.
  • Street bikes,must be street legal, including tires, no wheelie bars
  • Foot Brake (no electronics allowed) (bikes allowed) (no ET limits)
  • No Box  (trans brakes allowed) (bikes allowed) (no ET limits)
  • Box (same rules as Top ET) (bikes allowed)

Entry Fees: Test and Tune $25, Jrs. $20, street bike, foot brake, and no box classes: $40.00, Box class: $75

Buy backs for 1st round non winners: Jrs $5, bike classes, foot brake and no box $20, Box $40


  • Juniors Trophy to winner and runner up, $50 to winner and $25 to runner up if 8 or more entries.
  • Bike and Foot brake classes with 10 entry minimum: $200 win, $100 R.U.
  • No Box with 20 entry minimum: $500 win, $200 R.U. $100 Semi`s
  • Box with 20 entry minimum: $1000 win, $400 R.U. $100 Semi`s

Spectator Fee: $10 adult, kids  6-12 $3.

Reserved pit spaces will be saved for regular renters with prior notification to the track.

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