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Edddyville Raceway Park is considering the following changes to our Junior Dragster program on points race dates for 2013. Please read the following information carefully and send your feedback to Gerald asap to or call him at 641-780-3534.

Novice Class
This would be for all 8 and 9 year-olds, and those 10 and up with 1 year or less experience Junior Dragster racing at the start of the season. This class would be about learning and having fun and might not be a points class to reduce the pressure on the kids and enable them to just have fun !! This class would have it's own consi race for 1st round non winners.

Advanced Class
This is for those 10 years-old and up with at least one year of Jr racing at the start of the season. This would be a points class and have it`s own consi race for 1st round non winners.

There would be a run off at the end of the day between the the two class winners (novice and advanced) and each consi winners The final round of the run-off would be the two winners making it two rounds of racing to determine the overall winner for the day. (No points for run off rounds)

We are looking at trophies for each class winner and consi winner, plus special trophy for overall winner. Also cash payout to Advanced class winner and overall winner.

Let us know your thoughts and also looking for a special title for the run off winner.

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