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Street Car Challenge

Heads up class for street legal cars using a .400 pro tree.


  1. DOT street legal tires required.
  2. Must have current license and registration for the vehicle.
  3. Must have current insurance card for the vehicle.
  4. Must have mufflers.
  5. Lights must all work.
  6. Trans brakes are allowed.
  7. Wheelie bars are allowed.
  8. Vehicles must pass all IHRA safety requirements for ET`s run.
  9. All run field, paired on a sportsman ladder by ET.
  10. Power adders allowed

*All rules are subject to change.

Entry Fee: $50 car/driver

Payout: (8 car minimum for full payout) $400 winner, $200 R.U.

Dates to run: 4 dates for 2017, May 27, July 22, Sept. 9, & Oct. 7.

Sponsorship for the class:

Title sponsrship for a 4 raceĀ  series $1200.00 (This would include an increase in payouts to $500 win $250 R.U with an 8 car Minimum field)

Sign at ERP (4` x 8`) $750 per year plus one time cost to make sign of $400.

Cost of doing both: $1700.00 plus cost to make the sign.

Sponsor would receive a ticket package that will be customized to best fit them with a value of $400.00.

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