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Street Car Challenge

Heads up class for street legal cars using a .400 pro tree.
*This class will run with the scoreboards off.


  • DOT street legal tires required.
  • Must have current license and registration for the vehicle.
  • Must have current insurance card for the vehicle.
  • Must have mufflers.
  • Lights must all work.
  • Trans brakes are allowed.
  • Wheelie bars are allowed.
  • Vehicles must pass all IHRA safety requirements for ET`s run.
  • All run field, pairings by chip draw.
  • Power adders allowed.

*All rules are subject to change.

Entry Fee: $75 car/driver

Payout: (8 car minimum for full payout) $400 winner, $200 R.U.

Dates to run: 4 dates for 2018, May 26, June 23, July 28, & Sept. 1.


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